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Mrs. Graber

5th & 6th Grade

Mrs. Hannah Graber was born in Houston, Texas but grew up in Hudson, WI near the Twin Cities. She has a twin brother, as well as an older brother who is married and has two children. Her father is a pastor in Farmington, NM and growing up, her mom was a 5th-8th departmentalized teacher for Reading and English. She grew up working in her mom’s classroom and was always interested in working with children. However, it wasn’t until her senior year at Luther Preparatory School that she decided to attend Martin Luther College (MLC) to become a teacher.

     There at MLC she majored in Elementary Education (grades K-8) and Secondary Communication Arts and Literature Education (grades 6-12), as well as a minor in Urban Ministry. She graduated magna cum laude in May 2020. She was then assigned here at St. Paul’s Lutheran School as the 5-6th grade teacher and athletic director, as well as now teaching Physical Education for the whole school. She's been here for three years now, the whole time known as Miss Brohn! This summer of 2023, she was recently married to Aaron Graber and is excited to start her fourth year with a new last name. 


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Powerschool District Code: NGBR

Bloomz Class Code: J9X4N2

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